Young Ji Kim Graduate Piano Recital


I have had the lovely opportunity to now film two piano recitals for Young ji Kim, a pianist at the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For this most recent performance, Young Ji began with a trio, which included a clarinet and cello, played by two fellow students. This was a lovely start to the recital, and the sounds of the three instruments went together beautifully. Even though the recital was for Young Ji, the trio allowed each of the three students to showcase their individual talents. After the intermission, Young Ji continued on to play Variations on an Ancient Korean Melody, Sonata in B-flat major, and Polonaise in A-flat major. I’m nowhere close to a music critic, so I won’t act like one, but I thought Young Ji’s performance was great. I don’t listen to classical piano music often, but both times I have been to the Mary Pappert School of Music to record a recital, I get immersed in the performance and almost forget I’m there to create a video. The time passes by much quicker than I would have thought as well. Doing videography for these recitals has definitely made me appreciate music more, and even led to me attending a couple Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra performances this year.

Once Young Ji played her last note, all of her family and friends who were in attendance burst out with applause and she was smiling from ear to ear. Everyone reconvened in the lobby of the music hall to hang out for a while after the recital. There was a full on snack table that had sushi, cookies, chips, coffee, candy, water, and any other quick snacks you could think of. I even got sent home with some Korean cookies, so the recital was already paying off. It was a fun time hanging out in the lobby and watching everyone just enjoying the moment. Young Ji was bombarded with flower bouquets from friends and family, and could barely manage to hold it all. You could see the joy everyone was feeling as they all caught up and talked with each other, and had their 5-minute photo shoots with the woman of the hour. Overall, this was another fun event to get to record, and I was glad that Young Ji and her husband Jae Wan enjoyed the first time we worked together enough to bring me back for another recital.