Farmhouse at 30542 - Katie & Cory


Katie & Cory’s gorgeous wedding located at The Farmhouse at 30542 in Flowery Branch, Georgia was the first wedding I have ever filmed, and I could not have been more nervous. I was originally a guest to the wedding as it was my girlfriend’s sister getting married, but then the lovely couple couldn’t find a videographer in time and asked me if I could do it for them. I saw it as a great opportunity to keep practicing my shooting and editing skills, and it provided a great wedding gift, so I quickly said yes.

The setup was beautiful. The Farmhouse was old and rustic, but still well kept. String lights were draped across the inside of the roof. Flower combinations of pink, dark green, and dark blue were scattered amongst all of the tables, contrasting with the dark brown wood. All of the vases had gold trim to accent the bouquets. Out in the distance was a large hill with at least 10 cows roaming freely, really setting the farmhouse mood in.

Heading out towards the ceremony, the first thing you came across was an open chest of soft blankets for all of the guests to take and stay cozy with. Right next to the chest was a memories table with framed photos of lost loved ones. You could see the emotion filling faces of guests as they stopped by and admired the memories of family members they haven’t gotten to have around. The guests then had to walk through isolated farmhouse doors to get to their seats.

As Katie and Cory stood beneath an arch of beautifully woven branches, you could see and hear the love between them. Every word filled with emotion. Every sentenced pausing a moment for them to catch their breath. Tears sliding down the faces of every bridesmaid and groomsman. Of course there were a few jokes in there too to lighten the mood. After completing their vows, Katie and Corey had their unity ceremony where they applied the skin of a baseball together due to their love of the sport.

Once the ceremony was over, it time for the food! I haven’t been to many weddings in my life, but this one definitely had the best food setup I’ve seen. It was all appetizers and finger foods! There were macaroni bites, BBQ tacos, small steak slices, and so much more. This is where also being a guest on top of the wedding videographer was nice, because I got to enjoy the best of both worlds. Throughout the meal there were a few speeches from the bridal party. Some of them brought laughs and others brought tears. Overall, the dinner was a great time and allowed some people to meet each other and become friendly.

It wasn’t too long before the party people started heading out to the dance floor. I think once Wobble, everyone from the wedding started really getting into it. At night, the Flowery Branch Farmhouse was just as beautiful. None of the lights were too bright, so there was a nice warm glow all around. The lack of lighting makes a challenge for the wedding videographer for sure, but you just have to make it work for the sake of the couple.

After all of the festivities, was the send off. In appropriate wedding fashion, all of the guests gathered in two parallel lines with sparklers in hand. Katie and Cory emerged from the Farmhouse, all smiles, and partied down the sparkler aisle, ending with a perfect dip and kiss. Once all of the Farmhouse wedding events wrapped up, the bride and groom and all of their close friends met up at a local brewery called Beer Me and continued to celebrate the happy newlyweds.

Once I wrapped up the wedding film, Katie and Cory loved it. They could not have been more thankful – even during the wedding when I was filming they were the nicest and most appreciative people. It was once I had given them the video and seen all of the positive feedback that I decided I would try pursuing wedding videography. One of the bridesmaids even booked me for her upcoming wedding in April. I was beyond blown away at how much people were loving this video, and I knew that even though I saw many flaws as the creator, as long as it gave the couple getting married a way to relive their special day, then that’s all that matters. Katie and Cory, thank you for having me and thank you for allowing me to capture your story.